Thursday, November 30, 2017

Learn to Lead & Inspire Your Teams - Kim Nugent, Ed.D

If you own your own business or even if you're solo, on your own, you get bombarded almost daily from people urging you to take their leadership course or read their leadership book. It's become so prevalent that I avoid them all. Ah ha! Except this one. Step-by-step, week-by-week, in small bites I can handle, I can begin to understand that it's about who I'm BEING as a leader that trumps what I think I need to DO. As I tell my clients, "What you say and what you do, in and of itself is insufficient to make a difference as a powerful leader". And my friend Dr. Kim Nugent takes it one step further as she challenges you through the steps in how to BE an exceptional leader. It's all in the amazing conversation you'll find in this book. -- Daniel F. Prosser, CEO Mentor and Best-Selling Author of THIRTEENERS

52 Weeks to Exceptional Leadership is a practical and inspirational guide for leaders and managers. It is a business book for those who have the responsibility for developing talent in their departments and organizations. If you are that forward-thinking leader or a manager, this book is for you! As you integrate your company's resources,impart your experience, inspire with your philosophy, with this book by your side, you can confidently add enthusiasm and results to your performance. This book will walk you step-by-step each week for the first year to build upon the talent and strengths of the individuals you manage or lead. This guide adds real structure to your management strategies, saves you time, money and gives you a weekly topic for your coaching calls or meetings. Inside you will find a weekly journal page to record your actions, reflections, and areas for improvement.
     Inside the book, Dr. Kim Nugent gives you the opportunity to read and address one practical strategy per week for one year. Use this book for self-improvement or as a guide in developing new leaders, managers in any organization. Kim advises that after you implement each strategy, make notes in the provided journal space about what worked and what could be improved. She attests that this weekly practice will become a habit. Inside this book,you will find fifty-two strategies to build a strong foundation in the area of leadership development. This practical guide assists you in enhancing the exceptional skills and talents you bring to the position or as part of your mentoring new leadership talent.
You can indeed read topics in random order, based on your immediate priorities and concerns. Try not to read the whole book and put it away. If your preferred learning style is to read the entire book for the framework, context, and content, that is fine. But make sure to go back and re-read one-strategy-a-week and complete each journal page to further reflect on your implementation of the strategy with your team. That is where you will find the treasure and the real value of this book.

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