Tuesday, December 6, 2016

A book that teaches children gratitude - great Christmas gift

A book than teaches children gratitude - great Christmas gift
Great story for the Christmas season!

Shhhhh... Here's a secret and a mystery just for you. 
When you read this book a few times & we sure hope you do.
Search for servants and what's the same in the Old World & New.
We hope that you will do this and that you'll realize it's true...
That the "richest" and most blessed Prince, or Princess, is YOU!

"Not so long ago in a town very near, lived a young girl and her brother who needed a good look in the mirror. For they were pouting and sulking until their faces turned red and their parents had had it and sent them to bed… When darkness fell over them and their eyes started to close a magical mist swirled around them and a castle arose…" Follow our young Prince and Princess as they get whisked away to a majestic land, where they are surrounded by luxury and countless servants, only to return home and realize how blessed they truly are.

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