Tuesday, August 16, 2016

What a nightmare...Beware the Evil that Lurks Within

What a nightmare...

Emotionally vulnerable, Marcia was thrilled about this new marriage to Dick which she had long dreamed of...and in denial. While he was handsome, she considered herself ordinary and, at first, lucky. But Marcia soon found herself trapped in a damaging relationship with Dick, a sex addict and alcoholic. Her terrifying emotional prison walls kept her locked in a world of his malevolent lies, sexual trysts, menages a trois, voyeurism, infidelities and drug addiction. 


She desperately wanted him to change, and she believed he would for her, if only she loved and cared for him enough. But he continued his sick and dangerous escapades. Caught in a world of chaos and instability with seven geographical relocations in just a year and a half, she was at his mercy and financially broke. Emotionally vulnerable toward him and his many addictions, she was trapped in a world of total despair and isolation.


Fearful of her own violent thoughts, she turned to a young, kind and promising member of a motorcycle gang for help and began to feel courageous and hopeful though she never imagined the horror yet  to come.

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