Wednesday, August 24, 2016

From powerlessness into self-awareness, self-transformation and freedom

From powerlessness into self-awareness, self-transformation and freedom

This poignant story tells of personal tragedy and triumph, of getting lost and finding the internal compass – one's own North Star – to take responsibility for creating a life of value and purpose. It acknowledges that a lack of self-esteem and confidence is at the root of victimization – that taking responsibility for personal choice and action brings empowerment – and that forgiving oneself, while releasing blame, removes the final obstacles to freedom and eternal joy.

This is my story, my truth as I have experienced it, perceived it and believed it to be at the time. I do not pretend to know the motivations or perceptions of others. My experience is mine alone. My perception of the actions of others has been colored by my own beliefs, values and expressions. This is how I experienced the words, actions and intentions of others through my own filters of limitation and belief.

I, Anastacia Jayet, am not simply my name. I identified by six legal names by the time I was thirty-one years old. I am not my title, my job or the place where I live. I have had many titles, experienced many diverse jobs and moved many times. I lived many years adrift without knowing who I was. I lacked self-esteem and confidence, disconnected from all that surrounded me. I journeyed, studied and experienced many concepts of myself through many different lenses of perception – until I realized that I am unlimited, ever changing yet constant – and that everything is possible and a potential part of my becoming. I am at peace in the eye of the storm. That is who I am. I have learned to accept all aspects of myself by surrendering, trusting, allowing, receiving and accepting all that is.
It is my intention that others know they are not alone, and that their journeys and stories are important. The more we share our stories, the greater healing we can experience - releasing, forgiving and allowing ourselves to be loved once more. In sharing we learn, we become vulnerable and we are forced to face ourselves. This is how we find our way back to the power within. It is how we find the healing power of love, and the gentle guidance of the still small voice within our hearts. This voice speaks to us as we learn our pattern - the singular lesson of this life -expressed in a thousand ways. This is the kernel of truth, the seed, that has matured as we journey through life.

Once we know the nature of our seed, our pattern, we are empowered. We are transformed from victim to creator through compassion, forgiveness and understanding. The storms of life are as much a blessing as are the gifts along the way. Gratitude, humility and integrity guide us on the path to wisdom. A pure heart will reveal the truth within; the unlimited power of love to heal and transform all suffering into light.

We are afforded the opportunity to choose to help others find their own truth, as we continue to share our stories, patterns and struggles to live life on purpose. It is always a choice to share what a life filled with value and meaning can be. Living life in service to all sentient beings is the expression of transformation in form.

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