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Learn about home selling in the digital age

Learn about home selling in the digital age
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This book is such a great source of knowledge. The author had been through both buying and selling a home and she had immense experience and helpful tips when it comes to real estate. This book explains in details how to buy a home and what the best options are, how to sell a home and the different options that are available. Because knowing is half the battle. The more we know and understand about all the different options that are available to us, and learn which one is the best fit, the more relief we feel when making a decision. Short sell, buying, selling, mortgage, and all of the real estate lingo that we get confused with are thoroughly explained in this book. ~J. Hunter
We all have a place we call home.  Whether it is a sprawling mansion or a cozy mobile home... our home is our castle.  As an owner it could be the place where your children grew up or where you wrote that novel you always said you would.  As a buyer it is an exciting adventure into the great unknown.  No matter what, it is often the place of our cherished memories. 

Buying and selling a house can be a powerfully emotional time.  Often we face situations during the home purchase process that makes you wonder, "Has anyone else dealt with that before?"   The Art of Real Estate in the Digital Age is a real life experience for anyone from a new 20-something first time home buyer to a seasoned homeowner dealing with buying or selling their house in today's digital world.  

Critically circulated throughout this book are anecdotes of experiences that a professional is thrust into and forced to resolve."Look, Listen, Learn" known as the 3 L's strategy take another wise simplistic approach and identify the importance of sophisticated marketing. If you want to conquer the real estate maze in the digital age, sit down, open the cover and be prepared to expand your mind.

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