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Imagine being locked in an invisible box...and you're invisible, too

Subject: Imagine being locked in an invisible box...and you're invisible, too

Imagine being locked in an invisible box...and you're invisible, too
 If you like Dan Brown, Michael Crichton, or Clive Cussler'll enjoy this amazing trilogy.
The US military is in a panic when drones are inexplicably seized mid-miss  military contacts the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC). Adam Dekker, their special operator, is sent to discover the source of this strange attack.

Dekker recognizes signs of his old enemy, Abaddon, who he defeated in Germany. He finds that the spirit of Abaddon is still in the world and has found a new host in an Egyptian mystic, Kamenwati.

Dekker and his new partner, British SIS agent Hannah Ahmed, must follow slim leads to find Kamenwati whom Dekker believes is the source of the drone seizures. Through a series of trials and escapes, Dekker and Hannah find a mutual attraction that surprises them both.

Dekker and Hannah follow a trail of clues from Egypt to Ft. Bragg in North Carolina, central command for US drone operations. Kamenwati is there as well and in an effort to protect his plan to pit West against East, he fabricates a supernatural Merlin Box to entrap Dekker for decades, even centuries.

Dekker's friends must search for a way to penetrate the Merlin Box and free him before Kamenwati's scheme is realized. There is only one problem: the Merlin Box and its captive are invisible.

The tension grows as Dekker becomes less likely to escape the Merlin Box, and Kamenwati's plan to plunge the world into war approaches a frightening reality.

Continuing to mix bleeding edge technology with the mystique of ancient Egypt, Miller once again immerses the reader in a story of his own unique brew… of mysticism and potential world-domination by an ancient force of evil that continues to plague humanity. Fast-paced, laced with political intrigue and cinematic with images of the Egyptian desert and Stonehenge as the backdrop – the main characters fight for both their own survival and mankind's – the novel takes us into the laboratory of the military's weapons scientists and engineers…and to places that we never new existed. Can't wait for the next installment – or, for the screenplay to make it to Hollywood and hit the big screen as the next summer blockbuster! ~Steve Appel
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