Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Modern Woman by Catherine MacDonald

It's 1923. Burlesque and jazz are the rage. Alcohol is banned, but the country is drinking bathtub gin. The war is over. Women are allowed to vote, hemlines are rising, and women are smoking and performing striptease in clubs. A new modern woman is emerging. One who is politically active, works for wages, and is interested in her sexuality.  Seventeen-year-old Lily Diamond, whose mother is dead and father abusive, in order to survive, is working in one of Kansas City's premier speakeasies. There is a commotion at the front entrance and Lily looks that way. The door bursts open and a swarm of police rush in swinging their black clubs in the air and yelling, "Raid!" A tall portly officer blew his whistle and yells, "No one leave the room. You're all under arrest."

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