Thursday, January 7, 2016

Finally, a solution to the Crohn' s & Colitis puzzle - get the answers you need!

Solving The Crohn's & Colitis Puzzle pinpoints the top 7 body, mind/emotional, and spiritual strategies the author used to piece together her picture of optimal health and vitality after becoming deathly ill with Crohn's Disease, deemed incurable by the traditional medicine. It's designed to help the reader quickly identify ways to improve their own picture of optimal health. It is informative as well as interactive for each strategy described in a simple easy to read way with action (s) the reader can do to apply them in their own lives. The book has suggested action steps for each strategy and a resource guide at the end of each chapter. In this way, they can begin to piece their "healing puzzles" together.

Have you ever been told your condition is hopeless or incurable? Well, about twenty-five years ago Barbara Steingas was, when she was diagnosed with Crohn's disease. At some point when she was near death weighing 90 pounds, she stopped believing this story the medical community told her and created her own with a happier ending. Now, she is in her early fifties and in the best shape of her life enjoying a radiant state of health.

This guide is designed to help you discover how to take control of your life, especially in the areas of mind, body, spiritual health and well-being, which play a significant role in our path to disease (or some call it dis-ease). Unrest of the mind, emotions and spirit come first. It's when we fail to deal with them that disease manifests in our bodies, usually in an area where we are susceptible both genetically and emotionally. Each emotion is linked to a specific organ, such as worry for the digestive organ system, particularly the stomach and spleen according to Eastern Medicine.
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