Thursday, August 22, 2013

THE CEO MANUAL 4 KIDS by James Scott


Give your kids the encouragement and training they need to rise to their full potential! Give them this book...
     The CEO Manual 4 Kids!
Start now - help your kid succeed in a changing world!
New Renaissance Corporation Publishing and #1 Bestselling Author James Scott offer you the definitive guide for instilling and nurturing strategic executive leadership qualities in your child's daily life. We are shaping tomorrow's leaders, today!
Powerful, dynamic CEOs aren't born that way; they are carefully nurtured and sculpted. Even the Jack Welches and Bill Gates of the world were once just motivated kids looking for the tools they needed to fulfill their dreams and turn their ideas into reality. Too often, adults dismiss the natural skills and "out-of-the-box" business ideas of youth , simply because of the entrepreneur's age. America needs to stop and take note of these up-and-coming business titans and give them the encouragement and training they need to rise to their full potential.
If you're a kid with a big dream, we think you'll find the information here exciting and helpful to starting you on the path to fulfilling your dream and turning your idea into a concrete, money-making entity. We talk about basic issues like:
  • types of capital, 
  • how to write an effective press release and 
  • the types of stock
as well as more complex topics like 
  • how to take your company public, 
  • leadership skills 
  • basic crisis management.
Realizing your dream of starting your own company has never been more attainable.Organizations like the U.S. Small Business Administration have put together programs to encourage young, motivated business men and women and to help them receive the funding they need to take that next step.
We understand that starting out in the business world can be scary as well as exciting. We want you to give you some of the tools you'll need so you can take those wonderful ideas of yours and soar with them. Who knows? You might just have that germ of an idea that will become the next Facebook or Apple Computer.
Available in paperback, kindle or audiobook version, The CEO Manual 4 Kids'  will help us cultivate tomorrow's entrepreneurial leaders... today!

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