Thursday, January 3, 2019

Conferring with the Universe

"There is much more to the universe than we understand.  In this book, Scott takes us on a journey of forgiveness, exploration, and discovery into ourselves and the world around us.  Open your mind to the possibilities."  =Jim Stovall, Bestselling Author The Ultimate Gift
In Conferring with the Universe, S. Scott Underwood takes a journey of connection with his past.  At the prompting of Gabe, and other unseen energies, Scott is taken on a journey to recall events of his life.  His "Guidance Energy" then uses these events to show him how his life was fashioned as a result of chance happenings.  He is also shown how he was never really alone and that his Guidance Energy was always only a whisper away. 

Using his connection with his Energy Guidance, Scott takes the opportunity to ask questions of his unseen mentors and query them about the whys of life.  "Why did this happen to me." "Why does tragedy take place."  "What am I doing here on the planet?" How and why are some people saved from severe experiences while others are not.  And most importantly Scott's guides suggest that it is wise to have fun no matter what.  Scott's Journey is everyone's journey. Scott's questions are everyone's questions.  Even though Scott asks common questions of his Energy Guidance the answers that are given are not so common.  

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