Thursday, October 4, 2018

Do you feel trapped?

"A clear, compelling mix of personal narrative and practical coaching that carries the reader along effortlessly... a new and powerful way to address need-for-security issues.  I highly recommend The Golden Cage book for those feeling trapped in their current life situation!"  

Patricia Kendall, Ph.D., psychotherapist, editor of Living The Journey and author of Good Morning, Raphael

Discover how to break free of life's cages and follow your heart's calling. 

Do you feel trapped in a relationship or career, going through the motions of life with little excitement or passion? Are you spending time dreaming about doing something different with your life? If this sounds like you, you may be living in a Golden Cage that brings you some measure of comfort and security, yet it does not fulfill your heart's desires. The Golden Cage is a spiritual self-help book that will help you gain the necessary courage and skills to break free of life's Cages and lead an empowered life in alignment with your heart's true longing.
Drawing on her personal stories of breaking free from Cages to find empowerment, the author guides you through a powerful, insightful, step-by-step approach that shows you how to:

-          Identify your Golden Cage and its purpose for existing
-          Master the five keys to unlocking your Cage
-          Create an empowering relationship with fear
-          Build inner strength and self-confidence
-          Tap into and follow your inner guidance and truth
-          Uncover your heart's true passion and take steps towards making your dreams 
           a reality

It's time to escape from your entrapment so that the world may benefit from your brilliance and unique beauty.

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