Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Pee in the Woods - Adventures in Dietland

Pee in the Woods - Adventures in Dietland
Written as a first-person narrative, the book is a confessional in which the author recounts numerous embarrassing moments caused by his obesity. Thankfully, Peterson not only weaves an effective tale; he also displays an endearing sense of humor and the ability to laugh at his own foibles. Still, there is a vulnerability to the author that is revealed in the honest assessment of his struggles with various diets, making the tale all the more poignant. 

50 Rules Everyone Needs to Know, to Win at the Game of Dieting, including:
  1. Pee in the woods... 
  2. Burn your fat clothes... 
  3. Stop supporting the troops... 
  4. Quit the gym... 
  5. Get new friends... 
  6. and for the love of God, stay off the grass.
If you've tried every diet that you could get your hands on with little or no success... then this book is for you.

Ralph Peterson has tried them all: Atkins, Herbalife, Nutra Systems, South Beach, the Paleo Diet, Jenny Craig, Body for Life, the Grapefruit Diet, Eating Right for your Blood Type, the Four-Hour Body and Weight Watchers, just to name a few. Through it all Ralph has seen his weight Yo-Yo from 350lbs to 280lbs and back again.

Adventures in Dietland: How to Win at the Game of Dieting from a Former Fat Guy, is a synopsis of the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to diet plans and includes 50 Rules Everyone Needs to Know, to Win at the Game of Dieting.

These Rules have helped Ralph lose more than 150lbs, and will help you lose weight, regardless of the diet plan you are following.
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