Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Realtors: A bullet-proof strategy to compete with Zillow

"Long long time ago dinosaurs roamed the earth. A comet hit and the dinosaurs were gone. We have a new comet approaching the Real Estate industry. This comet is technology and if you believe that it will miss you, as the dinosaur,  your business will perish.  If you want to survive over the next decade, stay ahead of technology and your competition than...THIS BOOK IS AN EYE-OPENING MUST READ!"

Rafal Dyrda, The Board of Directors Condominium Institute (ICN)

3 TRENDS Every Realtor MUST Know         to Compete with ZILLOW

Are you aware that ZILLOW and DISCOUNT BROKERAGES will continue to compete with you on prices?

Do you realize they'll keep cutting their commission to almost nothing just to SNEAK AWAY a client and your farm market?

This book will guide you how to leverage 3 TRENDS, convert higher quality LEADS and DOUBLE your income... without doubling the amount of time that you work.

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