Friday, March 31, 2017

Truths about God, Jesus and Christianity

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"This is an exceptionally important book which should be read, re-read, and inwardly digested by all Christians, anyone wanting to learn more about God, and anyone seeking truth in general." ~Lloyd Regas; Streamcare Corporation
Every day of our lives we absorb millions of pieces of information into our minds that, over time, form the way we look at the world. The problem is, the things we're taught are not always true. Especially when it comes to religion, there are so many people and ideas out there that it's almost impossible to have a clean view of it.
Find Your Way Home: 6 Truths About God, Jesus, and Christianity examines some of the most common and frustrating myths that culture has taught us about Christian spirituality. Ranging all the way from the hard subject of Hell (and people's wrong ideas about it) to inspirational reminders about God's real love, the book is written in a completely non-combative tone; all from the point of view of an everyman making his simple observations about eternal truths.
In the book, there are 6 Cultural Myths about Christianity that the author unpacks based on his own observations from watching himself and other Christians.
Each myth is examined not with heady theology, but with clean and straightforward verses. In this heartfelt book, the author speaks to everyday people, using everyday insights to share truths that are both simple and profound.
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