Thursday, February 9, 2017

A gift for the waitress in your life

A gift for the waitress in your life

A book written exclusively to and for waitresses!  Are you kidding me? What about male waiters? Cooks? Restaurant managers? And Owners?  No No No!  Just waitresses.  We the public overlook waitresses while we praise chefs and cooks, we read their recipe books, we watch their cooking shows, replicate their fancy dishes.  We shake the hand of the high paid restaurant managers and owners. But the waitresses? Who cares?  Well I do! 

Does the world know that their hourly pay rate is below $5 an hour?  I do and I want to help them! I love waitresses and it's time waitresses are shown the respect they deserve.  When it's all said and done, don't we all judge a restaurant or cafe by the service? So, this book is not only a tribute to waitresses it is 40 years of my research to help these ladies double and triple their income!  It might also behoove waiters and managers and owners because this book is a "How To" from the best in the world!

I share 51 tips to increase your yours!!!  In these tips, I also reveal "The Secret to Men" that shows you not only how to increase your tips from men but how to greatly improve the relationships you have with the men your life. Frankly you could even use these tips to get a man in your life!

If you are a waitress read this book and change your life! It's written just for you!

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