Thursday, November 3, 2016

A children's series of fun, meaningful fantasy 4.98 for all 3


A children's series of fun, meaningful fantasy 4.98 for all 3
Maurpikios Fiddler is the BEST Fantasy Book I have ever read in my life. It is a must read for every One. ~Deia
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BOOK I:  This magically enchanting quest involves other children like Maurpikios Fiddler, a scroll that reveals the secrets of a family, a golden scepter and a stone destined only for the hands of the chosen one. He will discover just how the secrets of the Fiddler family affect his own destiny and the entire town of Hallows creek. He will have no choice but to display true bravery, accept his destiny, and ultimately discover the True Meaning of Magic.

BOOK II:  Secrets of the town of Hallows Creek continue to unfold as the children and the medical staff of Saint Juliana's continue fighting for the stability of the research study to cure the children and the Treaty of Earthly Peace.  Maurpikios Fiddlers and the others along with the warriors of Saint Juliana's are once again determined to restore hope and balance to the world, and most of all to teach everyone how to remember the magic.

BOOK III:  Piki and the others are once again catapulted into a chaotic race to awaken the only being with the power to reverse the calamitous spell of perpetual seasons. The Amulet of Salvere has maintained their faith. The Amethyst of Spes has restored hope, and now The Red Ruby of Edo has a heart to heal…but nothing has prepared the world for the wrath of the legend of Nivalis!

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