Monday, September 26, 2016

Looking for Inner Peace? Look no further...

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Peace Within is an inner state that is not dependent upon external circumstances. Because life is always changing and moving like a river, peace within is actually a dynamic process that requires improvisation and skillful maneuvering through the rapids of life.
This comprehensive and integrative process addresses mind, body, heart and soul. And it is a practice, unlike many other approaches, that merges eastern and western practices.
Each module of the book deals with a different dimension of being human and finding Peace Within.

The Peace Within Process
Peace within your day
Peace within your body
Peace within your mind
Peace within your heart
Peace within your self
Peace within your soul
Peace within your relationship
Peace within life
Peace within death

As you read the text and practice the exercises, remember that Peace Within refers to a dynamic, living, integrative peace that grows from the inside out. In time, your inner peace will become less and less dependent upon external circumstances, but rather grow from the inside-out emerging from the great ocean of peace that is always available to all of us, if you know how to access it.
My journey from despair to awakening and living in deeper alignment with the ocean of peace that informs my life day in and day out has been nothing short of amazing!  In the following pages, I refined the essential elements of what I discovered on my journey into a format that I hope resonates with you and helps you find your Peace Within.

"Dr. Michael DeMaria has assembled a unique and powerful workbook to help us find peace and healing, plus freedom from excessive negative feelings. He skillfully integrates practices he has developed over decades as a superior therapist, meditation teacher, yoga instructor, wilderness guide, and musician. Michael provides useful models for thinking about the practices and discusses how he has used the practices in his personal life. With this wonderful manual one discovers ways to improve the health, effectiveness, and pleasure of body, mind, heart, self, soul, and relationships with others and the world."
William Mikulas, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus University of West Florida, author of The Way Beyond and Taming the Drunken Monkey
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