Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Yeshu'a, the story of the hidden life of Jesus

An intimate autobiographical account of the hidden life of Jesus. Detailing his family life and Initiate training, the lost years, and the Essenes in a tender, caring voice, Yeshu'a as well reveals the true history of the world and speaks of the transformational times in which we now live.

It also tells a different story of his short ministry in Palestine than is given by the canonical Gospels. From Egypt, Qumran, Mt. Carmel, the Druids of Pretannia, and Asia, to his relationship with his Beloved Magdalen, Yeshu'a will shock some in their orthodox beliefs, but ultimately Jesus's message of unconditional love and universal forgiveness comes through loud and clear: We are all Christ.

You Are The One You Have Been Waiting For

The Yeshu'a series heals the Christian story by reconciling and bringing to full-flower the feminine indwelling everyone and everything, and is the first full narration of those sacred times. It has received endorsements from multi-award-winning, best-selling authors, and healers and Lightworkers and Heart-leaders around the world.

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