Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A Thieving Pursuit: Love, Lies & Larceny

A Thieving Pursuit: Love, Lies & Larceny
A Thieving Pursuit is a pulse-pounding cross between True Romance and Natural Born Killers. Everything in Max's life has gone wrong. After a series of tragedies, Max has a shattered family, a mountain of debt, and a sister who will never be whole again. Seeing no way out, Max tries to rob a liquor store only to have the entire heist go completely wrong. But, that's where Max meets her. Jenny is everything Max could want in a lover, except Max isn't looking for love. He's just trying to survive and take care of his sister. That and Max just kidnapped Jenny at gunpoint. The mysterious and beautiful Jenny isn't afraid of Max. She seems to see something in him. But as the law begins to close in on them, will their love be enough to save them, or will their feelings doom them? Stolen takes you on a wild ride through greed, lust, desperation, and love. Down to the last page it's never clear which emotion will win out. Find out what happens to Max and Jenny. What does fate have in store for these confused and desperate lovers?
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