Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Pick the Top 2 Covers for THE RECKLESS ENGINEER and win three $25 Amazon Gift Cards

CONTEST: Win three $25.00 Amazon Gift Cards

I now have a new contest - a poll to help me select the best cover for THE RECKLESS ENGINEER.  

There are 4 covers and I really need your independent views.


* I need help! Please vote for your top 2 favourite covers for THE RECKLESS ENGINEER. 

* Share the contest Facebook post to your timeline and earn +2 entries.


Follow the URL above to vote and enter the contest.

I shall draw one winner from the first 200 entries (with all +2 entries also counted.) 
I shall draw a second winner from the first 500 entries, and a third winner from the first 1000 entries.

Please follow the link and enter the poll. I really need your help to decide. The images are in the alphabetical order of their titles.


The contest vote counts will be updated regularly on my contest page on Wix and the winners will be announced on the page and by email.

Best wishes,

Jac Wright

Author, Poet & Electronics Engineer

Twitter:      @JacWrightBooks

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