Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kids love The Wild Soccer Bunch - Yours will, too!

Dear Friends,

I found a wonderful children's book with some real time lessons for our kids. With so many kids and parents involved in soccer these days, I thought some of you might love this book. It's The Wild Soccer Bunch, a brand new, fun and exciting kids' adventure book starring the only girl on a boys' soccer team. It has been endorsed by the great Landon Donovan, star starof the LA Galaxy and US Soccer MVP in the World Cup. This book has already sold 9 million copies world-wide, and we want you to be apart of this best-selling phenomenon.

Kids around the world love The Wild Soccer Bunch! The book motivates kids to get involved in team sports and supports values such as diversity, sportsmanship, teamwork, leadership and self-acceptance. The book exudes passionate storytelling and an equal passion for the game kids love: soccer. Kids who love The Wild Soccer Bunch will be inspired to play the game. You can find the book at and I wanted to share it with all of you (since we all know a kid somehow).

With all the excitement of the World Cup, this timely book is part of a soccer-centric middle-grade series that’s been making waves abroad is arriving in the U.S. Here's what it's all about: As winter turns to spring, Kevin the Star Striker and The Wild Bunch hurry out to hit their favorite soccer field but find that Mickey the bulldozer and his gang, the Unbeatables, have taken it over. To win it back, Kevin and his pals challenge the Unbeatables to the most important game of their short lives. Will the Wild Bunch vanquish the Unbeatables or are they destined to lose their field forever? Can they achieve the unachievable?

The kids are from wide ranging backgrounds and come together to take on their arch enemy. Important life lessons are learned and strong friendships emerge as these determined kids face the impossible. Teamwork, respect and diversity are the hallmarks of this group of ragtag kids. This book, The Wild Soccer Bunch - Kevin the Star Striker is the first in a series by Joachim Masannek, and follows the adventures of this young, coed soccer team with each book focusing on a different player.

Plus, when you purchase the book today, you'll receive dozens of free bonus gifts for yourself and the kids in your life. Click here to view your incredible gift package: Plus, every person who purchases a copy of the book on launch day 9/9 2010 will automatically go into the draw to Win 2 tickets to Hollywood, to the filming of The Wild Soccer Bunch Television Ad, featuring Landon Donovan himself!

Please forward this to all your friends and enjoy!

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