Wednesday, July 28, 2010


What are your writing goals? Do you have any? If you intend to write, you have to make commitments to yourself. Yes, to yourself. You need to set goals that are reachable and maybe a bit challenging. If you are a writer, you know that writing itself is a challenge. There isn’t a day that passes that you shouldn’t write.

Have you been published? No? Well, that’s your fault.

Time? Do you have problems with that four-letter word too? Everyone does. It’s one of those words that creep up on your whether you want it or not. You have to make the time. You are responsible for your time. You can sneak in five or ten minutes at lunch time, bedtime, early morning. Do you drive to work? Get a little handheld recorder. You don’t have to hold it to your mouth in order for it to work. This may be a great time to do some description of settings, people and your surroundings.

Here’s a simple plan:

1) Goal: I will write five minutes per day, no matter what!
2) Write: I will write anything, for five minutes per day.
3) Submit: I will submit something by the end of this year, 2010.
4) Read: I will read about writing before the end of this year, 2010.
5) Class: I will take an online writing class before the end of 2010.

These are simple goals. Once you commit to them, you will find out that it’s easier to write. Stick with it and make your goals a reality.

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