Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What's New with my Authors

Hello friends,

Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, has book two of her "The Truth" series books for preteens and teens. It's called: Secrets: You tell me yours, and I'll tell you mine...maybe. Let me tell you a bit about Dr. Holstein:

She's been a school psychologist for over twenty-five years. She's taught elementery school kids and has been a professor of education at Boston University. She's been in practice with her husband for over twenty-five years. I'd say she knows a bit about kids, wouldn't you? Secrets should be out next week on Amazon.com. If you know of a girl tween, please think about purchasing the book. I think it will help with those raw emotions she carries around with her for years. Remember those years? Phew! I wouldn't ever want to go through them again.

I have a new author client:

Malcolm Croan, author of Right Hand Up To God, No More Will Die on Amazon.com
Lori is only ten years old when she and her heavily pregnant mother flee an abusive husband and father. Alone in the Everglades, Lori promises her dying mother she will care for her newborn brother, Michael. Over the months and years that follow she will strive to keep her promise. Not even being unwittingly caught up in a drug smuggling ring between Cuba and London, or the love of two men at the same time, will distract her from the promise she gave to her mother alongside a steaming Fakahatchee swamp… (suspense/thriller)

I'll have more information later with some of my other authors.


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