Thursday, February 25, 2010


If you are interested in joining any of these launches, please contact Denise Cassino at You should have a good list of followers and something to offer a potential client. You can also sign up on the individual pages for the launches.

1. The DNA of Success Program, Jack Zufelt - 3/10 Affiliate only - no bonus (in fact if you've already joined this, I think they are not going to offer the bonuses on the page)

2. Awakening the Divine Soul, Finding Your Life's Purpose, Rosanna Ienco (we did this one last year, this will not be an amazon launch, just book sales) 3/16, - some of you that were on it may have new people on your lists and we would like to have you join us again. If not, just say not this time.

3. Friendly Divorce by Rick Banks - 3/30 -
The easy, painless, cost-effective way to manage a civilized divorce without the need for courts, judges or a long, drawn out, expensive process.

4. Intensive Care for the Nurturer's Soul by Hueina Su - 4/20
Too often we sacrifice our own well-being and happiness because nobody ever showed us how to manage it all. With amazing insights into all aspects of what it truly means to be both caretaker and nurturer, Hueina Su presents practical tools and tips that are universal in their application.

I hope you'll join me in promoting these fine authors.


Linda Barnett-Johnson
Editor/Virtual Assistant

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