Wednesday, January 6, 2010

You Can Succeed Like These Authors!

Hello reading and writing friends. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. Let’s look at 2010 as the year to grow, succeed and prosper. You can make that happen if you believe in yourself. Do you? If you don’t, then go to the mirror right now and say, “I believe in myself. I know I can succeed. I know I can make 2010 the year to prosper.” Do that every day. Put a goal on a piece of paper and sign it. I want you to put the paper in a place you will see every day…on your computer…mirror…beside your bed. I want you to affirm that you are worthy and that you can do this and reach your goal(s).

I am happy to report that 2010 is going to be a good year for me. If you are honest, friendly, trustworthy and willing to help others, it will come back to you. Do you believe that? You should.

I am a firm believer that whatever goes around, comes around. I know that's a cliché, but it really is true. You need to be good to others and it will come back to you.

Since I started my Editing and Virtual Assistant service, I have met some wonderful authors/writers. Let me tell you a bit about each one.

Teresa Burrell is the author of a mystery/suspense book, The Advocate.

Teresa Burrell has dedicated her life to helping children and their families in both the courtroom and the classroom.

As an attorney in San Diego, Burrell maintained a private law practice for twelve years, which specialized in domestic, criminal, and civil cases. Her work in juvenile court focused on representing abused minors and juvenile delinquents. Burrell has received several awards and special recognition from the San Diego Volunteer Lawyer Program for her countless hours of pro bono work with children and their families.

Burrell has also enjoyed a satisfying career as a teacher. She has taught children of all ages with diverse backgrounds and special needs. After creating an after-school program that kept kids off the street, she received a community service award.

Now in semi-retirement in California, Burrell continues to educate groups about social issues impacting children and write novels, many of which are inspired by actual legal cases.

Her book is much like what she went through as a lawyer in the juvenile court system. Her readers say that you can’t put the book down. That’s the kind of book that I like. Pick it up today and see for yourself. It’s in all major bookstores.

Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, a positive psychologist for women, and author of a preteens book, The Truth ( I recommend it for the young girl in your life. Denise Cassino of Wizardly Web Designs, coordinated an Amazon book launch for The Truth, and the book reached a ranking of #4 on Barbara's book has continued to do extremely well. In fact, it sold out and Dr. Holstein had to rush to do a second printing of the book. This is now available on Amazon and elsewhere. Dr. Holstein took the opportunity in reprinting to make some very subtle changes to The Truth, based on feedback from her 'fans'. What's next on the agenda? Actually, the second book in The Truth series, which is scheduled to be released in February of 2010. Stay tuned

J.M. Cornwell is author of romance novel, Past Imperfect. Devastated by love and nearly killed in a car crash, Lynn Sanderson disappeared, returning five years later with a new name, a new face, and a plan… Buy it today and find out what happens. It’s a great book and one you won’t be able to put down. Visit her blog.

Linda Ballou is a travel writer and author of Wai-nani High Chiefess of Hawaii, Her Epic Journey. It’s filled with rich and colorful history of Hawaii and its people, and the unique role Wai-nani played.
Linda has written many articles surrounding her trips throughout the country. You can get a free report, How To Make Travel Writing Work For You, on her home page, when you sign up.

Please subscribe to my blog to keep track of what’s going on with my client authors and me. I hope to enlighten you and keep encouraging you to reach for your goals in 2010.

Remember, these authors took the chance to change their lives and you can too.
“I will be a success.” "I do believe in myself.” “I am a good person.” Now say it and believe it.

Editor/Virtual Assistant

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  1. Thank you Linda for the kind words and for your positive attitude. This is going to be the best year ever!

    Teresa Burrell